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New workplace laws come into effect on July 1st 2009. This site will be updated shortly to reflect the new Fair Work laws.

The apprenticeship system has changed from what was familiar to many people. Traditionally the term covered those who wanted to become tradespeople only. New areas of learning have been added in recent years to the traineeship system, beyond what were traditionally trades areas, eg hospitality, clerical, retail work now have traineeships.

Formerly an apprentice signed an indenture of training with an employer for a period, commonly four years. Training now is generally competency-based, not time-based, ie an apprentice can finish their learning sooner than previously so long as they achieve the defined competencies.

Structured learning has been arranged into modules, each of which can be tested. Some training is now delivered as part of post-compulsory school years.

Further information about apprenticeship and traineeship systems in the different states and territories, and nationally, can be found at the following links:

New South Wales



South Australia (Apprenticeships - follow link on left of page)
South Australia (Traineeships)

Western Australia



Northern Territory

Commonwealth Government

Australian National Training Authority - now part of the Department of Education, Science and Training


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