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New workplace laws come into effect on July 1st 2009. This site will be updated shortly to reflect the new Fair Work laws.

These apply to employers and workers in Victoria unless the employer is bound to pay more by an Australian Industrial Relations Commission Award, Collective  Agreement or Australian Workplace Agreement.

Since the beginning of 2005, most Victorian employees have become covered by 'common rule' awards which specify higher minimum conditions than the Minimum Wage Orders.  See Awards for more detail. 

Employees under Minimum Wage Orders (MWO) are entitled to:

  • a minimum hourly wage for their classification of work for each hour worked in a working week of 38 hours  (ordinary time)
  • From 1/1/04, employees are entitled to be paid for overtime beyond 38 hours. (The overtime hourly rate does not increase beyond the ordinary time rate.)
  • four weeks paid annual leave per year, cumulative
  • From 1/1/04, eight days paid personal leave per year, which can be taken as sick leave, with up to five of the eight days available to be taken as carer's leave (to care for members of the employee's immediate family or household in the event of illness, etc), cumulative
  • From 1/1/04, two days paid bereavement leave on the death of a member of the employee's family or household
  • unpaid parental leave on the birth or adoption of a child, and a right to work part time associated with the birth or adoption.
  • notice of termination or compensation instead of notice
  • a minimum half hour break after no more than five hours work
  • a pay slip with basic details of remuneration
  • powers of inspectors to investigate employment records and for breaches to be prosecuted
  • 9% employer contribution to superannuation
  • From 1/1/04 employees under a MWO can be stood down if, due to circumstances beyond the employer's control, they cannot be usefully employed.



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